Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple

Introduction to the Vaitheeswaran Temple

The Vaitheeswaran Temple, which is seven kilometers away from Sirkazhi and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, The term “Vaithiyam” refers to “curing,” while the term “Eshwaran” refers to “Lord Shiva.” As a result, Vaitheeswaran is both the God of health and the Lord of cures. Lord Shiva, whose name is Vaitheeswaran, and Goddess Parvati, whose name is Thayalnayagi, are the primary deities. One of the Navagraha temples is named after Mars, also known as Angaraka. This temple holds a special place for Lord Muruga, who is highly revered there. Nayanmars, who are ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, praised this famous temple. This temple, which is prominent among the Shiva Temples, had been visited by a number of gods and saints.

History and Legend of Vaitheeswaran Temple

When Lord Shiva treated Angaraka’s leprosy because he could not find a cure elsewhere, he was given the name Vaitheeswaran. The epic Ramayana also has a connection to this temple because it is said that Jatayu, the king of the birds, received salvation in this temple. The sacred ash of Jatayu is kept in a special tank at the temple for the public’s veneration even today. The fact that Lord Muruga only has one face is another important feature. He is typically depicted with six faces at all times. He killed the demon known as “Surapadman” with his mother’s weapon, “Vel.” Lord Shiva healed Lord Muruga of his wounds from fighting the demon Surapadman. A unique medicinal ball made of herbs and mud is still used to treat a variety of ailments today.

Architecture of Vaitheeswaran Temple

Many inscriptions indicate that this temple was renovated during Nayaka’s reign after it was built during the Chola era. Lord Shiva, whose name is Vaitheeswaran, Goddess Parvati, whose name is Thaiyal Nayagi, Lord Subramanya, whose name is Chella Muthukumaraswamy, and Mars, whose name is Angaraka, each have their own shrines in this temple. In contrast to their usual arrangement of three planets per row, the nine planets are aligned in a straight line, which is another important feature. The highly intricate shrines of Lord Sattanathar and Lord Bhairava are beautifully depicted. The temple’s beauty is enhanced by the numerous pillars that line the corridor. The fact that this temple lets the sun shine directly on the Shiva Lingam for a few days each year is another important feature. Dharmapuram Adheenam is currently in charge of upkeep at this temple.

Festivals Related to Vaitheeswaran Temple

Thai is a 10-day Tamil festival celebrated lavishly from mid-January to mid-February. People from all over the world attend the “Panguni Brahmotsavam” festival, which lasts for 28 days. In October and November, the six days of “Aippasi Skanda Shasti” are also celebrated with pomp and circumstance. The temple also holds grand celebrations of the monthly Krittika star days and Anna Abhishekam of the Vaikasi month. On Tuesdays, devotees perform Angaraka’s (Mars Pooja), during which he is ambulated through the temple’s corridors and taken in procession with them. Festivals like Deepavali, Maha Shivaratri, and Tamil New Year, among others, are all lavishly celebrated.

Benefits of Worshipping Vaitheeswaran Temple

The benevolent Lord also promised treatment for all of the devotees who are ill at this temple. The devotees are shielded from land or property-related conflicts by the planet Angaraka (Mars). In order to seek relief and ask the Almighty to direct them toward a new life, people who are dealing with family disputes and other issues come to this temple. All of Lord Shiva’s devotees are saved and assisted in making positive life choices. In order to get married soon, people with Manglik Dosha (Mars affliction) in their horoscope visit the temple.

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