When a native's thumb impression is obtained, the reader gives it to the library. The library has categorized and indexed the palm-leaf bundles based on the thumb impression to make it easier to search for the bundles. Due to the fact that the predictions contained in this holy book are restricted to a small number of souls, it may not always be realized. As a result, locating this particular leaf requires a lot of effort and time. Because the reader must read one statement from the first leaf, the native will read the second statement to confirm its veracity if the first statement is true. The reader will have to continue looking leaf by leaf and bundle by bundle in order to locate the one leaf in which all of the correct information about the Native appears if this statement does not apply to the native., The Native must fully cooperate in order to speed up this process, which means that he must correctly respond and listen to the reading. As a result, not only is the leaf traced, but also the first Kaandam, also known as General Kaandam, which represents the native's lagna. The General Kaandam will also provide brief predictions for the remaining 12 houses in the Native's birth chart. If more in-depth predictions for any other house are needed, the appropriate Kaandam in the Annexure can be consulted. The Rishis insist that the Native be free of the evil influence of all of their previous birth sins in order to achieve the good results outlined in this holy scripture. As a result, the rishis recommend and specify the execution of particular parihaaras. The Rishi guarantees the fulfillment of his predictions if these Remedies are carried out fully. These are separated into two chapters, Shanthi and Deeksha (Nos. 13 and 14).