Nadi astrology in chennai

In general, Nadi Astrology dates back thousands of years, to when the Saptharishis used their yogic powers to write on palm leaves. They are also known as Indian Sages. They were able to see into the past and future of the entire universe, as well as record the lives of those who were already alive or were about to die. An ancient Tamil script was written on palm leaves during their discussions. Millions of leaves must have been written for each person in the world. However, the leaves themselves state that only a person with good karma will receive the leaves. despite the fact that leaves are available to both Indian and foreign nationals and those of other faiths and religions. It is all one destiny to identify the leaf and inform the individual in question of the predictions. Nadi astrology is based on the belief that Indian sages or rishis wrote each person's life patterns on palm leaves using their yogic intuition. NADI means "in search of" in Tamil. This system came to be referred to as "nadi astrology" because people use it to find their predictions. Nadies, or inscriptions written on palm leaves, are found all over India. Numerous palm leaf inscriptions bearing the names of the Rishis who wrote them are available. The inscriptions, which are written in the poetic language, can only be understood by a small number of nadi readers. There are numerous palm leaf inscriptions, or nadies, available, including the Atri nadi, Jeeva nadi, Graha nadi, Siva nadi, Duruva nadi, Edumbi nadi, Saptarishi nadi, Nandhi nadi, Bheema nadi, Nava nadi, Vashista