Guru Purnima- Call it a Divine Teachers’ Day!

I still look at them on the opposite bank, teaching other people how to safely swim across the ocean of failures to get to the bank of success!

Every successful legend has an effective teacher, just as the Sage Dronacharya was responsible for Arjuna’s victory in the Mahabharata. Guru-accredited teachers have been around since the beginning of time!

Wisdom and Divinity are exemplified in these revered masters. By honing their knowledge, values, and characteristics, they transformed their followers into complete individuals. They lacked cutting-edge educational modules and study materials; but taught their students using the daily instances as a model for their syllabus! In fact, the Play Way method of education dates back a long time. Our beautiful universe is woven with values, beliefs, and customs that are still relevant to modern society. The seven universal gurus known as Saptha Rishis (Atri, Bhrigu, Pulastya, Vasishtha, Gautama, Angirasa, and Marichi) were the ones who instilled these priceless values.

On this planet, life would have been uncertain; if not for these heavenly Seers. They were the ones who provided spiritual supplements and Vedic teachings to humans! The wisdom of the divine Seers came in handy when human souls were perplexed about how to lead a peaceful and civilized life.

It is still held that the Seers go out to see if you are still making good use of their values and teachings and if you want to keep it for future generations. These seers soaked the world in their divine light, sweeping away human ignorance, as the name “Guru Purnima” suggests.

Because we are the children of those Seers, it is our duty to give thanks to the Saptha Rishis for removing all traces of tribalism from us. Let us use this Guru Purnima as an opportunity to ask the Universal Seers for help getting rid of the bad things in our lives! Keep an eye out for the special celebration of this once-in-a-lifetime event on July 24!

a fantastic opportunity to express gratitude to your teachers for revealing your potential. All obstacles to your success are removed by the blessings of your Gurus. AstroVed makes a call to honor our teachers who redesigned our living models! Let us also introduce you to the divinity of the Saptha Rishis to assist you in revealing your life’s mysteries. To make your life a complete dessert, the divine Seers spread tinges of love, happiness, faith, peace, and enchantment!

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