One of Lord Brahma's Manasputras was Maharshi Bhrigu. Sages such as Narada, Vasishtha, Atri, and Gautama were additional. One of the Nine Brahmas is regarded as Bhrigu. He had Khyati, a daughter of Daksha, Puloma, a daughter of Kardama, and Usana as his wives. Khyati gave birth to Dhata and Vidhata, two sons, and a daughter named Shri. Because Lord Brahma created Maharshi Bhrigu to assist him in the creation of the universe, he is also known as Prajapati, or creator. Sri (Lakshmi), his daughter, became Shri Vishnu's wife. She is referred to as Bhargavi (Bhargaveem, Bilva Nilayaam, Vararohaam, Yasaswineem, Vasundharaam, Udaaraaangaam, Harineem) because she is the daughter of Bhrigu. Goes the Daridrya Mochana Stotram, Hemamalineem). In a similar vein, Sukracharya, the Daityas' preceptor, is another son of Bhrigu who was born to Usana and is referred to as Kavi, Bhargava, and so on. In the future, we will endeavor to learn more about these great sages. Maharshi Bhrigu had led numerous Yagnas and assisted others in doing so. He carried out the wishes of others to bear sons by using his powers. He settled in the Sun God's chariot for the two months of Bhadrapada and Shravana. Devatas was liberated when Usana was killed, as were her powers. Sage Bhrigu wished for Vishnu to be born on Earth, experience the cycles of birth and death, and suffer similarly to us. He used his powers to bring his wife back to life. Similar to how He accepted the curse of Sage Durvasa, Vishnu accepted the curse of the sage. Ambareesha, Vishnu's fervent devotee, was being cursed by the sage when Vishnu stood between them in an invisible form and took the curse on Himself.