While Nadi Astrology is based on predictions made by Rishis using their spiritual power, Natal astrology is based on calculations made by men. Most of the time, ordinary people's mathematical predictions, given their limited knowledge, may fail. This occurs because no one records the correct birth date, which could result in failure in the majority of cases. This occurs because no one records an infant's correct birth time (the correct birth time is when the infant's head emerges from its mother's womb). If you are unable to visit in person, you can use this online predictions service to receive your Nadi predictions. We are able to search for your leaf without your presence thanks to the structure of this service. Using the online questionnaire with your specific information makes this possible. Please enter the information correctly. We will only be able to locate your leaf from among our tens of thousands of palm leaves if you provide complete and accurate information. Without this information, we may not be able to locate the correct leaf for you. If there aren't enough details, picking the wrong leaf could lead to wrong predictions. We cannot guarantee that every person will be able to receive their predictions from this holy script because it is predetermined by the Lord Almighty. His nadi leaflets will only be available to those who have been blessed with this experience. We will return your payment information and the palm leaf in the event that it is unavailable. Your online Nadi Predictions can be received in English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Kananda.