What is Nadi Astrology?

The Maharishis wrote the Nadi Shastra on palm leaves around 2000 years ago. It is believed that Naadi Shastra provides insight into people’s predictions regarding the future. A nadi astrology consultation can reveal a person’s past, present, and future using these palm leaves. This could include information about your love life, wedding, career, education, international travel, health, land, financial situation, life expectancy, and other achievements. Rishis who wrote down their predictions for the future of all humans on palm leaves. Additionally, it is believed that the Vaitheeswaran temple in Tamil Nadu contains some, if not all, of the original palm leaves. A saint named Agathiyar is said to have written these predictions.

They were additionally in Sanskrit like numerous other old expressions and sciences. Regardless of their subjects, the Tamil kings collected and stored all of these palm leaves in huge libraries. Despite this, these leaves contain the wisdom of ancient Rishis that would have been lost to us. The real patron of the arts and sciences, Tanjore’s ruler discovered a reserve for these palm leaves in his palace library. With the assistance of the Pandits, he also took them in and translated into Tamil. The nadi refers to the palm leaves that our ancestors left behind.

A person is first identified by their date of birth, planetary positions, names of close relatives, life stage, marital status, and other details. before any actual predictions can be made. The person then makes predictions starting with the day he learned the Nadi and ending on his last day. The past, from the date of birth to the study of the leaf, is not covered.

This might be sounding excessively confounded to you. However, it is a very reliable procedure. Contact our free online nadi astrologer today to learn more about yourself.

Nadi Astrology Consultation Online

Numerous families, money managers, people, experts, noticeable people and lawmakers have profited from Nadi Soothsaying. It could reveal information about your past, present, and future, as well as assist you in locating information regarding marriage, home construction, career, self-healing, and many other topics.
It’s possible that you’re experiencing a lot of anxiety and worry about the challenges you’ll face in life. However, our astrologers can assist you in acquiring the information you require about your life through Naadi Shastra. At the Nadi Astrologers platform, you can get a free online nadi astrology consultation.

Nadi Astrology for Marriage

Marriage-Nadi matching is crucial to the harmonious continuation of the cherished bond known as marriage. A good match ensures a happy marriage and healthy children for the couple, whereas a bad match could result in unhappy marriages. Nadi matching is viewed as vital for matchmaking. It consists of 8 of the 36 Kundali matching points. Naadi match is for actual similarity between the kid and the young lady for their blissful wedded life and furthermore for offspring matters. It is believed that if a boy and a girl are of the same Nadi, they will have compatibility issues after marriage and childbirth. Both the boy and the girl belong to the same Prakriti if they share the same Nadi. Ayurveda says that the human body has three Prakritis: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These Prakritis are the same as three types of Nadi: Adi, Madhya, and Antya.

Nadi Astrology for Career and Health

If you’re in trouble and want to learn more about your career goals and profession, our best astrologers can help you with Nadi astrology. Using Nadi astrology, our top astrologers can help you figure out your future. If this is what you’ve been thinking to yourself: Where can I find Nadi astrology in my area?” The platform that provides you with nadi astrology consultation responses to all of your inquiries is Online Nadi Astrologer.

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