How to Get Time on Your Side

Time controls not only human life but also the lives of planets and nations. Time is an enigmatic thing. It is heavily connected to development. A baby is born, and it develops into a man or woman, a boy, or both. Animals and plants both grow. Time, what is it? Although it is definitely movement, it is difficult to precisely define. Planetary rotation is what moves calendar time. Time does not exist if the planets do not rotate.

The renowned mystic and philosopher of our time, J. Krishnamoorthy, introduced the idea of psychological time and referred to it as movement. Time is made by thoughts moving. There won’t be time if thoughts don’t move. Krishnamurthy talked a lot about the end of time and how to stop thinking and experience timelessness in his classic interview with the famous British quantum physicist David Bohm.

Krishnamurthy and other material scientists who studied the phenomena of time did not have a greater understanding of time than the Tamil Siddhas did. The universe that the Siddhas refer to as the Kala Bhairava exists. The universe is governed by a divine being named Kala Bhairava. His job is to come up with ideas about time for different galaxies. On Earth, for instance, time moves very slowly. Time moves much more quickly on other planets whose vibrations are faster. This is under the control of Kala Bhairava.

Siddhas are more than just philosophers. Pragmatists, they devised a variety of strategies to benefit from their association with Kala Bhairava. The Siddhas visited the universe of Kala Bhairava during their astral travel and gave a description of how Kala Bhairava, the God, looked like. He has a dark complexion, is fierce-looking, and drives a dog. According to personal experiences and astrological circumstances, a person can pray to him to alter their bad time or pray to improve their good time.

Everybody’s private time is managed by Kala Bhairava. For instance, one person earns $7 an hour as a minimum wage. $700 an hour goes to someone else. Yet another individual makes nothing in an hour. Time is insulting to the person who makes nothing in an hour. You can go to Kala Bhairava and pray if time is not working out for you and you realize that you are not using it properly. Make a request to Kala Bhairava for assistance in better managing your time.

The eighth moon is the best time to make requests to Kala Bhairava.

As a rule, eighth day of the winding down moon inside each month is a propitious chance to reach out to Kala Bhairava. However, the upcoming December 1st eighth moon is particularly favorable for him. Unique customs are finished for Kala Bhairava on eighth winding down moon days.

Sivapuram Temple Kala Bhairava Rituals:

The most significant aspect of Siva, Bhairava, is a representation of timelessness and eternity. It is the work of Bhairava if one experiences instantaneous enlightenment, prosperity, or recovery from illness or debt. He organized reality by creating the planets and time. During the 8th dark moon cycle, or the waning moon, Bhairava’s blessings are abundant. Dr. Pillai went to Sivapuram, a very powerful Bhairava temple, where he did long rituals and helped build the Kala Bhairava statue’s metal base shield (kavacha). Kavacha are metal representations of statue components like the crown, feet, arms, and so on. that are layered on top of the granite deity statues. Bhairava was overjoyed with the first kavacha I gave him, so I’m making a small covered walkway and fire pit for him and a silver crown for him. These are very effective ornaments and rituals for seeking Bhairava’s presence, protection, and blessings to help you make better use of your time and accomplish more in less time.

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